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Group culture

1, the company logo

Ongoing English literal translation is to continue to move forward. First, Cantonese the Port security pronunciation Ongoing is homophonic; Second, we can express the positive attitude of the security in the dredging industry in Hong Kong and the constant pursuit of forward. The overall mark is the ship's propeller and rudder, ease the overpass and four closely hand evolved flag foreign inner circle, the center of symmetry, is composed of four blue-green and white leaves, blue for calm and pragmatic spirit of enterprise and vast prospects for development in the marine dredging industry; Green on behalf of environmental protection and hope, reflect the company keep up with the pace of environmental protection, is committed to the cause of environmental protection, a symbol of safety and the people of Hong Kong a better vision of the future and Prospects leaves off, with light and dark colors, angular, so that dynamic more prominent expression of the deeper meaning of the enterprise to continue moving forward, the center of symmetry, reflecting the close relationship between equality and mutual trust between the security Kong with customers, safety Kong and employees to "OFF" to strengthen the "continued" form "together", "minute", is the basis for stable development of the security Kong.

2, business purpose

"Good faith to the letter, customer service first" security Kong company called slogan of our heritage, enrich and carry forward the spirit of enterprise customers first, we inherit and carry forward the pragmatic innovation, fine and rigorous quality corporate style, we uphold the good faith standard, cooperation win-win business philosophy. Sincere to the letter of the security Kong enterprises, service-oriented slogan, are inseparable from the efforts of all staff of the security Kong enterprises, companies in the past, today, every step of the future of customer service, employees are closely related. An Port security Kong in my mind, the brand of my hands "warning each employee, excellent quality and good service are derived from the unremitting efforts. An Hong Kong company consistently high quality engineering, first-class service in the fierce market competition courage, to continue moving forward. Science, security Kong as the guide, and continuously improve the modern management as a means to pursue the technology, service and market innovation.

Second spirit of enterprise

Port security company, as always, adhere to the "people-oriented system as the key link, honest and reliable, customer first, the pursuit of excellence" core values, adhering to the "high-quality security, efficient service," the purpose, the spirit of "integrity, collaboration, pragmatic and innovative" the spirit of enterprise, committed to enhancing the professional competence and position in the industry in the field of dredging, trying to assume the role of practical work builders, promote social development, responsibility, honesty, customer-centric, market-oriented and to create market integration, through equal quick, quality service in the market to establish a good reputation. Self-improvement, dredging contribute to the powerhouse China has become well-off quest, the forest among the competition; company Cheng Juying Jie, condensate wisdom Billiton passion, work team, seeking open-minded ambitious exhibition; product with superb industry in good faith to win customers favor. win Peoples refuge. People-oriented enterprises, institutions as the key link, honest and reliable, customer first, the pursuit of excellence, reclaim glory years, the time even more dazzling.

Three corporate philosophy

Strict compliance with national laws, regulations, conscientiously implement the "honest and trustworthy, scientific management, excellence, the pursuit of excellence" quality policy, to become bigger and stronger as the goal, to operate as a leader, pay attention to play a brand; "customer satisfaction focus, work closely with the owners or the total package units, safety production in the first place, pay attention to the quality of the construction work, safety management and civilized construction, and effectively improve the quality and safety management system, the full implementation of standardized quality management; strengthen the three security education and training, to implement the responsibility system for production safety, the quality of the project management and construction safety has improved continuously; uphold the integrity of law-abiding operators, social responsibility, social interests, consciously abide by the tax, labor and other laws and regulations, and pay taxes, never in arrears, tax evasion; strict accordance with the labor contract agreed to pay workers' wages, never owed wages, and strive to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests, and establish a good social reputation and corporate image. Promote people-oriented corporate culture, to see people as the life of enterprise; kinds of talents to excellent working and living environment, and infinite space for development Cheng poly, make more contributions to the country, for the company to create more efficient, increase of income for workers "the purpose of power in the hard work, technical innovation, win the trust of the customer, return to society.

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